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Early treatment is important!


These are important for the condition and form of your pigeons.


After years of research and experience, DAC has developed the “1000 Miles Tea”.


Condition Stimulant (CS) is a mixture of 50 natural extracts and contains essential minerals...

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Dac Dacochol 1ltr


They contribute to optimal growth in young pigeons and are also very important during the moulting period.


This product is ideal during the racing season but it can also be used effectively during moulting and breeding.

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The product contains microorganisms that boost the immune system and resrtre healthy intestinal microflora after antibiotic treatment or vaccination.


Liquid electrolytes with a special composition for birds. The unique combination of electrolytes and minerals (magnesium, potassium, sodium, natrium) based on the energy carrier glucose assists to accelerate the recovery process. Hydrates and supports birds during times of extreme temperature and during transportation or during showing. Provides energy and electrolytes to assist birds in recovery [...]


Amprolium 10% has a preventive action for returning birds and is administered as treatment in drinking water.


This combimix is highly suitable for the treatment of Trichomonades and hexamites (canker), Coccidiosis and Mucus in the upperthroat The mix has a wide safety margin and is borne readily by young animals.


This mix is ​​a combination of Doxycycline and Broomhexine Abrasive and is used to treat bronchial infections combined with upper respiratory tract mucosa.


The combination of Trimethoprim and Sulfa give an in unison bactericidal broad-spectrum effect. Both antibiotic intervene in different ways. This combination is active against the Adeno-Coli Syndrom and Coccidiosis


Indication: Adeno/E-coli syndrome, Paratyphus and Coccidiosis. Combination tablet for oral individual treatment of Adeno/E-coli Syndrome, Paratyphus and Coccidiosis in pigeons.


Broomhexine Mucus dissolver for treating mucus in the upper respiratory system. By using Broomhexine Mucus dissolver the day before and the day of basketing, you insure that your pigeons go to the races with a clean throat.


For oral treatment of Homing pigeons and Cage birds.