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Treatment of infections caused by micro-organisms susceptible to amoxicillin and/or colistin. Broad- spectrum activity and optimal penetration in tissues.


ELECTROLYT is an oral solution containing essential electrolytes for pigeons. Treatment of dehydration in consequence of diarrhoea.


Prevention and treatment of coccidiosis caused by Eimeria spp. in cage birds and pigeons. Treatment of atoxoplasmosis in cage birds.


Nourishing eye drops for pigeons that disinfect the nose and eye mucous membranes.



COCCI-TRICHO is active against coccidiosis, trichomoniasis ("the yellow") and hexamithiasis. These protozoa commonly occurring during the culture period, cause latent and subclinical infections. To improve the poor condition, cocci-tricho, in addition to the antimicrobials, also contains a good dose of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. Ideal for disinfection.


Giamectine is active against parasites (lice) and light worm infestation in pigeons.


ORNI-DS tab, tablets for the treatment of ornithosis complex in pigeons.


ORNI-DS is a water-soluble powder-containing doxycycline and spiramycin to control the ornithosecomplex. (such as breathing problems, "thick heads", wet eyes, brown nasal cavities, swollen eyelashes, head scratches and sneezing).


Para-Therapy is a solution containing a quinolone derivative (Norfloxacin) with a broad spectrum. This gives a good activity against several bacterial infections, like salmonellosis (paratyphus), in birds.


TRANSPORT MIX is a water-soluble powder with oxytetracycline, vitamins and trace elements. The product is used as a prevention and control of bacterial contamination incurred during transport in travel gloves.


TRICHO 40 is active against trichomoniasis and hexamitiasis and has a high therapeutic activity in pigeons infected by these protozoa. To improve bad condition of infected birds, TRICHO 40 also contains a strong dose of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements.


The day before birth and at home.1 Drop in the throat or nose hole, or 15 drops per liter of water.


WORM-THERAPY is a water soluble powder containing levamisole with a strong efficacy against gastro-intestinal roundworms.


MULTI VITAMIN FORTE Good for 250 liters of drinking water. MUTIVITAMIN FORTE is a high-quality multi-vitamin preparation custom tailored for pigeons.