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Unique mix of good intestinal gut bacteria extracts and immune stimulating complexes, specially assembled around the combat pathogenic (coli) bacteria.


ELECTROLYT is an oral solution containing essential electrolytes for pigeons. Treatment of dehydration in consequence of diarrhoea.


Nourishing eye drops for pigeons that disinfect the nose and eye mucous membranes.

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Windpipe-mite in canaries, finches and other aviary birds. Scaly face in parakeets, light worm infections (roundworms) and lice in cage and aviary birds.


Giamectine is active against parasites (lice) and light worm infestation in pigeons.


MULTIVITAMIN GOLD - Ultimate Care for Your Pigeons MULTIVITAMIN GOLD is the ideal choice for use after medication treatment and following vaccinations against diseases like paramyxo and pox. It is especially recommended for pigeons in poor condition, under stress, experiencing extreme temperature fluctuations, or during a change of habitat. This supplement is designed to support and enhance the optimal condition of your pigeons. MULTIVITAMIN GOLD is your secret weapon to quickly get your pigeons back to their best form, ready for peak performance and a healthy life.


The day before birth and at home.1 Drop in the throat or nose hole, or 15 drops per liter of water.


WORM-THERAPY is a water soluble powder containing levamisole with a strong efficacy against gastro-intestinal roundworms.


Vita Gold is a water soluble powder and is especially developed to get and keep your pigeons in top condition. Vita Gold is used with stress, poor condition, change of loft or extreme differences in temperature. Also after vaccination against Paramyxovirus and smallpox or after a medication treatment.