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Carnitine-magnesium complex (CMK) To improve the strength of the muscles, preventing skewed kites. The musculature of the pigeon is taxed excessively during workouts and races


CarboPower consists of 81% of higher polysaccharides, which are extremely energy-rich and can be stored very well in the muscular system.


APF 90 is a light digestible, high-grade animal protein concentrate. It is characterized by high purity and an excellent balanced amino acid spectrum with a biological value of 134.


(Oregano liquid 10%) For administration via the drinking water. Recommended dosage; 1 ml Endosan 2-3 L of water, 2-3 times a week.


Probiotic invigorating and energizing means to improve the condition and strengthen the immune system.


Probac Medicinal Green Earth is a pure natural product without chemical additives. It consists exclusively of pure natural green loess from the ice age.


Lecithin is one of the most valuable active substances in the nature and is one of the essential cell constituents. It is essential for the continuous assessment of all body and nerve cells and engages in various metabolic


Plant extracts and roughage (thickeners), to regulate the moisture balance in the gastrointestinal area


The fight against trichomoniasis has central importance in regard to the performance of the racing pigeon.