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Medication for your pigeon / birds, dog, cat, rodent and reptiles.

Since its inception in 2007, Med4Pets has committed itself to offering an easy and trusted place for pigeon lovers and pet owners to buy online. This number is still growing and will continue to grow in the future. We strive to deliver top quality products for the best prices.

All our products are purchased from certified companies in the Netherlands and we also import from various countries. This enables us to guarantee the widest possible diversity and quality. In order to further shape our international ambitions, we are constantly looking for entrepreneurs who are attracted to our mission and vision. Via our webshop you can order medication directly from our stock.

For some of our products there is a reduction discount, see example category DAC, Giantel, ect,.

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Before a veterinary medicinal product can be placed on the market, it must be registered with a registration office.

Registration of veterinary medicinal products has been harmonized on the basis of European legislation. This means that in all EU Member States (EU) the same rules apply to the assessment of veterinary medicinal products before they are registered and placed on the market.












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If you have a company that performs in the animal industry, you are welcome.
To order products from our webshop as an authorized animal industry, you need a login code.

You can request a login code by going to the next page Therefore, your data will be checked by us first. If your application is honored you will receive a login code within a few days.

For any questions or more information, please contact our customer
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