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Dr. Peter Coutteel

Dr. Peter Coutteel

Graduated from the University of Ghent in 1983. Over the years, he has fully focused on the field of veterinary medicine in the field of “birds”. Participation in conferences all over the world ensured that his expertise is not limited to the most common bird species, but covers a very wide range. His extensive knowledge and experience has already resulted in several scientific publications and he has enjoyed training his colleagues.

In 2000 he founded the Trigenio veterinary center in Nijlen, where he worked for 20 years as a veterinarian for birds. At the moment he is only devoting himself to his company Dr Coutteel Company, Vitamins & Food supplements for birds.

Through lectures and publications he tries to help bird watchers to optimally experience their hobby. One of his great motivations is to further use his experience to guide the breeders and to demonstrate the importance of a positive cooperation between breeder and veterinarian.

Trigenio distributes Dr. Coutteel and still relies on Dr. Coutteel for veterinary support on very specific assignments / cases.


AMINO-FORT contains 20 amino acids of which the proportion of Methionine, Choline and Lysine is more than 30%.


This composition contains a unique combination of electrolytes (salts and minerals) and glucose as an energy source. Electrolytes ensure a balanced water balance in the body.


By providing HEALTH OIL, the resistance capacity is stimulated in a natural way, so that the use of antibiotics can be reduced.


Vitamins perform vital functions in the body. Most vitamins cannot be made in the body itself and must therefore be supplied through the diet. Deficiencies give rise to all kinds of diseases.


MYCOSOL contains a selection of aromatics and essential oils that have a beneficial effect on health, including Oregano Vulgaris and a number of thyme chemotypes, with a pronounced effect against many problems and body weakness.

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Carnitine plays an important role in the body's energy production. It is also a protective antioxidant and it promotes circulation.


VIT-AZ-MIN contains abundant seaweed and is supplemented with an extra source of calcium.